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Coronavirus Commercial Cleaning Services
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TEAM is trusted by customers including:
Service Provision – 5 Steps

  1. Survey Premises
  2. Covid-19 Guidance Document Pack & Tool Kit
  3. Deep Cleaning
  4. Workplace Setup
  5. Workplace Inspection

1. Survey Premises

Our service starts with a survey this allows us to review the type of work you do and the premises within which your work is carried out. The survey will then support our approach to an initial deep cleaning and a follow up target cleaning regime, where all of the likely “touch & transmission” zones are identified and subjected to a more rigorous and frequent cleaning system. The survey will also feed into the Covid-19 Risk Assessment and this will be used to identify the additional workplace controls such as social distancing, hand hygiene, use of PPE & protective equipment
2. Documented Control System

Following the workplace survey we carry out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment.

The Risk Assessment identifies the controls, which require to be applied in the workplace. These controls are put into a wider workplace readiness plan that when combined, form the two key pieces of documentation which will be used to manage and help control the transmission of Covid-19 at your workplace. Target workplace inspections ensure that the controls are being monitored and maintained.

3. Deep Cleaning

Following the site survey and whilst a risk assessment and control plan is being developed we will provide a workplace deep clean. Our cleaning team will wear full protective clothing and will use a combination of disinfectant and other cleaning agents to bring the workplace to a high standard of cleanliness. Focus will be in touch points and high usage locations and equipment. Guidance on further use of equipment and tools will be provided in the  supporting workplace readiness plan.

4. Workplace Set Up

In order to manage and control the transmission of Covid-19 in the workplace, some basic changes to workplace layout and behaviours will have to take place. This starts with entry and exit controls where for example induction and information on any specific Covid-19 protocols can be provided to staff and visitors. Workplace set up will include making arrangements for achieving social distancing, supported by any necessary one-way systems, 2metre distance guides and providing sufficient hand hygiene points and other supporting equipment including Perspex screens for high customer or worker interface areas such as canteens etc.
5. Workplace Inspection

In order to make sure compliance is being met and that controls are being adequately maintained and adapted as guidance changes. A target Covid-19 workplace inspection will be carried out, this can be carried out and an agreed sensible frequency. Where measures are found not to be compliantwith either the Covid-19 risk assessment or workplace readiness plan – further actions will be written up for each client, in the form of an inspection report.
TEAM is a successful family run business with over 23 years’ experience. We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of finest quality roofing services throughout the UK. All our work is carried out by certified operatives who have passed their accreditations. We offer competitive services and quality assurance, communicating closely with our clients throughout the project, ensuring customer satisfaction.
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