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Facade Inspection / Investigation

Building facades are the first line of defence against the unpredictable climate we live in. A facade retains the energy and thermal properties of the building while keeping the weather out. Damage to it can be caused by storms, human error or even general degradation over time. Left unidentified, this damage can lead to significant problems in any structure.

We carry out thorough building facade inspections, including checking glazing integrity, facade waterproofing and if there is any air leakage. Our tests meet the CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology) Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes (found in all NBS and NHBC specifications) Section 8.16.2 Hose Testing which detects construction and workmanship defects.

During our investigation we’ll also make sure your facade meets current building regulations. We check that the grade of the insulation behind your facade is compliant.

With different regulations for Grade A1 non-combustible insulation in facades in Scotland and England and Wales, we’ll guide you through what is correct for your building.

At the end of our inspection, we provide a project specific photographic report that specifies any remedials that are required and their costs for you to incorporate into your CapEX budget.

We can investigate and test all the most popular cladding products and finishes, using tailored approaches such as:

  • Abseiling
  • Mobile and telescopic cranes
  • Debris prevention methods
  • Safety netting
  • Temporary protection methods
TEAM follow Technical Note 41 from the CWCT which gives guidance on site testing which we carry out. Furthermore, this Technical Note has a British Standard that warrants it under BS EN 13051.

To find out more about our facade inspection/investigation service, please get in touch:
TEAM is a successful family run business with over 23 years’ experience. We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of finest quality roofing services throughout the UK. All our work is carried out by certified operatives who have passed their accreditations. We offer competitive services and quality assurance, communicating closely with our clients throughout the project, ensuring customer satisfaction.
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