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Electronic Roof Testing

Electronic Roof Testing

Problems with a roof aren’t always obvious. Leaks can cause major damage over time if they go undetected or are not repaired correctly.

TEAM offers an electronic leak detection service that is a quick and non-intrusive way to identify leak points and areas of trapped water on a commercial roof.

We use dedicated equipment from UVRAL, a specialist equipment manufacturer, in the form of Dry Roof Pro and Wet Roof Pro which use small electronic currents to detect leaks in the roof. All the tools we use are CE compliant and comply with BS EN 13160-1:2016 Leak Detection General Principles.

Our equipment can identify problem areas with pinpoint accuracy, sourcing breaches as small as screw holes. Due to the precision of the equipment we use, our roof testing and leak detection service can be carried out in wet or dry conditions.

We also carry out dye tests to find the source of leaks into the interior of a building. In this test, sections are filled with water and a bright dye is added. As the water drains away, any leaks into the building are easily identified by the brightly coloured water. The dyes we use are not toxic and don’t stain, so they can be wiped away once the test is over.

We’ll also check for common problems such as the penetration of roof membranes and carry out probe tests of side and end laps where poor installation can often lead to leaks.

At the end of our inspection, we’ll mark up any leak points to identify the affected areas so that future remedial works can take place quickly and easily.

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